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Boost Your Business

For small business owners that want the power of Salesforce immediately.

Upscale Your Non-Profit

For non profits that need to power up their impact through better communication.

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How we help

We take the best practices and experience of global enterprises and deliver it in an affordable way to small businesses, non-profits and educational organizations.

Small Business
“... The professionalism of Acker Consulting Group is absolutely fantastic.
Many thanks for a great service!...”
Dennis Larson

How are we different?


Our consulting team has over 40 years combined experience in business technology solutions.


Our pre-paid consulting packages fit in your budget.


Time is money. Get up and running in weeks not years.

Salesforce training for everyone

Need to train your organization?  We can help get them started with a customized online training path.  Take your organization to the next level with Salesforce today.